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Title: Of Hope and Mind and Clusterfucks
Chapter Title: Prologue
Fandom: Homestuck and Xiaolin Showdown (Showdownstuck)
Author: hitagashi
Warnings/Spoilers: profanity
Character(s); Pairing(s): Jack Spicer, Good Jack, Xiaolin Chase, other canon characters; implied good Chack
Rating: G
Genre: pre-slash, crossover, fantasy (and shit)
Word Count: 1290
Summary: It started with the client and a new and unexpected contact.
Chapter Summary: Jack has to finish The Scratch that Mister Tomohiko started.
Disclaimer: I do not own Homestuck or Xiaolin Showdown and make no money from these writings.
Notes: Chaptered fic. Uh. Showdownstuck kinda sorta yeah.

, . , . ,

It all started with his creating the chat client. He'd considered it useful for all of five minutes before everyone was being a nuisance. He hated his mind powers, they gave him migraines to put an earthquake to shame. More than that, he had to put up with various people. Eleven other people really. Some of which were more annoying than others. The Chase's were both a couple of the least annoying ones, his own counterpart and Omi being the worst.

-- amusedApostle [AA] began pestering chaoticGears [CG] at 20:02 --

AA: hello spicer. i apologize for not checking in sooner.
CG: It's fine. Nothing wrong there, am I right?
AA: as always.
CG: Yes, well, Heir of Mind, it's in the job description.
CG: That and you're perfectly capable of handling yourself.
CG: Unlike my good self.

AA: actually, that is what i wished to speak to you about.
CG: Joy. What has the ignorant fool gone and done now?
AA: he seems quite distressed about your welfare.
AA: he mentioned how you seem to have extreme migraines and that ascending only worsened it.
AA: he is worried. and frankly, so am i.

CG: Lovely. Look, I'm fine.
CG: I've had worse headaches than this. I'd be more worried about Wuya.

AA: yes, well, she can handle herself.
AA: “grimdark” or not, she is exceptionally skilled.

CG: Yes, I know.
CG: Look, stop worrying. You, Jack, and Wuya have enough to deal with.
CG: Besides, I'm not doing anything but driving people insane.
CG: Which, in a morbid sense, is fucking hilarious.
CG: Especially when they go crazy on each other.

AA: you do not seem to care for the life of those in this game much.
CG: No. I really could care less.
CG: Look, I have to go. Time to go to Kimiko's world.
CG: See you later, Chase.

-- chaoticGears [CG] ceased pestering amusedApostle [AA] --

AA: good luck, spicer.
AA: i cannot shake the feeling that something big is about to happen to you.
AA: be careful.

Jack really hated his job sometimes. He'd seen into the future (even if it was all gray and he didn't understand what the big deal about these places were) and knew he had to go and finish The Scratch. Or something. It was all annoying. Something about spawning a session that would spawn another session.

And somehow they had to push their way into the next session. Which was pushing its way into another.

It was all annoying and useless. He didn't want to play this game, it had been forced on him because they needed all twelve. So Chase and Raimundo had taken the lead. And then it was the Chase's. And then it was Jack. Jack who could see the future and was just so sick of the situation. For some reason, he had to go to the Beat Mesa, had to finish The Scratch Mister Tomohiko had started. He'd seen it unfold similarly in another instance of the universe, couldn't help but feel he'd gotten the short end of the stick. He'd also seen the other Beat Mesa, a strange ghost girl with horns and gray skin blocking any further sight. And then he'd seen his fellow Mind user. Or so he thought. She had the same gray skin, different style of horns, same color. It was crazy.

Hopping away from the Land of Gears and Cacophony (also known as LOGAC) and pushing himself through the space in the gateways, he watched as lands flashed by. He supposed that if he had been able to see color, he would have marveled at the beautiful colors he passed.

He didn't though but it didn't matter.

As he appeared in Land of Glamor and Stars (LOGAS, as it were) he grunted when he almost immediately ran into an imp. It was easy to turn its mind on itself, easier still to make it self-destructive instead of outwardly volatile. He didn't have the time to deal with imps. It was showing too.

As he landed on the Beat Mesa, the pale youth slid into a steady stance, taking his Heli-Pack out of his sylladex. Jack was sure to work quickly, aware of the fact that time was of the essence. Everyone else was gathered in another place, waiting for The Scratch to go into effect. There had been protests from both sides about him being the catalyst. It was hilarious.

“Well, great, we've got to do this thing then.” Raimundo's voice over the chat line made Jack grimace, teeth grinding together.

“I'll handle it. You're all too far away.” There was snorting across the line, scoffs, and even a complete rejection. “Hate to break it to you, but thanks to this game I can make it so you have no fucking choice.”

“Too bad, Jack. One of us can handle it.” Kimiko's voice, one of the ones who scoffed, chimed out alongside a bit of a giggle. “I mean, seriously, that's ridiculous.”

“Jackie, it's not safe. I refuse to let you!” Why was his good half so annoying? Clutching his head in his hands, he let out a pained gurgle, aware that it went across the line. “Jackie?” He ignored him, forcing himself into eventualities that occurred. If any one of them tried it would be disastrous. With any of them dead, The Scratch would do nothing but make the situation horrible.

By the stars, gods, and heavens themselves, did none of them ever shut the fuck up?

They were all saying things, asking if he was okay saying this was a reason, annoying, useless, worthless; pointless chatter that made his head throb with his heart rate.

"Kindly shut the fuck up. I have a crazy bad migraine. You aren't helping.” There were a few sorry murmurs but then there was more talking, louder and more insistent. Couldn't they tell he wasn't joking? It was painfully obvious to him. “Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” More disgruntled murmurs, whispers that made no sense to his pain addled mind.

“Spicer, are you all right?” It wasn't the Heylin Chase, no, he snorted right after. The good version had spoken, softly and in a tone that silenced everyone else. For a moment.

“I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!” For once they listened, likely startled at the way his voice reverberated. He let out another pained noise, straightening and sighing. “I can handle myself fine. I'm able to survive this shit because I can see it happening. Not like Jack could, or even like the Seer of Mind in the next instance, but enough to where it hurts when I try and focus. Just trust me on this.”

“Very well, Spicer. Try not to get hurt, would you?” An agreeing noise left his throat, something between a 'mhm' and his earlier pained gurgle.

“Stay safe, Jackie.”

Well, he was almost done. With a few more cracks of the robotic arms and drilling The Scratch, Jack admired his handiwork. Then, without much thought to it, he took a leap up, propelling himself up and towards the gateway. The Scratch left a blinding shine as he moved, erasing everything behind him and trying to catch him from ahead. But he pushed through, finally, finally, coming to land in the odd space craft Kimiko had made from a plane and his house (without permission but what the fuck ever).

It was then, as he fell face first into his good self's arms, head pounding a mile a minute, that a new name appeared on his chumroll.

What. The. Fuck?

-- chaoticGears [CG] began pestering caligulasAquarium [CA] at 22:22 --

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It begins... *plays ominous music*


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