Aug. 15th, 2013

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Series Title: Raising Fili Baggins
Story Title: The Two Bagginses and Their Grand Adventure
Chapter Title: Prologue
Fandom(s) : The Hobbit
Author : hitagashi
Warnings/Spoilers : adoption
Character(s): Bilbo Baggins, Fíli
Rating : G
Genre : AU/AR, family
Series Summary : Bilbo finds and raises Fili and when the adventure rolls along, it's signed by both one Bilbo Baggins and his son, Fili Baggins.
Story Summary: Bilbo and Fili were respectable Bagginses of Bag End. This was a fact known throughout the Shire and even if they were a bit odd to the hobbits, it was accepted that it was merely something that happens. Fili, whom Bilbo had found on the edge of the Shire and had taken in when the Rangers hadn't returned with news, was a dwarf.

Of course, everything is ruined when Gandalf shows up talking about adventure.

AU: Bilbo finds and raises Fili as his own.
Chapter Summary: Everything is ruined when Gandalf shows up talking about adventure.
Word Count: 380
Disclaimer : I do not own The Hobbit nor do I profit from this story.
Notes : I'm finally posting this huzzah!  Hopefully I can post once a day or so to prepare for the eventual updates.

Prologue )


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