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Title: Haystack
Fandom(s): Xiaolin Showdown, Homestuck, haystack (yes this is a fandom, fuck you)
Author: hitagashi
Warnings/Spoilers: ABUNDANCE OF FLUFF
Character(s); Pairing(s): Jack Spicer, Eridan Ampora; EriJack
Rating: G, K
Genre: AU/AR, friendship, romance (kinda), crossover, fluff
Summary: There has to be a reason we're hiding in a haystack.
Prompt: Haystack
Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin Showdown or Homestuck nor do I profit from this story.
Notes: EriJack is my main HS/XS crossover OTP (the other being Nep/Katnappe) for uh... reasons. Prompted by Nacho.

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There has to be a reason we're hiding in a haystack.

It's cold when he wakes up. But not because of outside chills. Oddly enough this haystack we're hiding in is incredibly warm. That and anything's warmer than the look Wuya shot him when he ran for it. A well aimed shot of the Crosshairs (shrunken version recently made by him) and she'd been scurrying away. I suppose this was the only place he could think to hide on the spot, well... you know. Other than home.

“Guh... hi Eridan.” Red eyes are bright as they look at me, hands curling in my cape as he takes in where he is. He looked cold, had to wrap him up. Then his hand's reaching up, touching the side of my face. It took his fingers sliding over my fins once to see how calloused his hands are, especially in comparison to my rougher skin. Said it was smart, better for battle. Damn shame trolls can still beat each other to death anyway.

“Hello, Jack.” I don't like his last name. Not because it's bad but because that dragon guy's always making it sound like a curse. Kar's face when I told him I was moving in with 'Jack' though, that was hilarious. Thought I somehow meant crazy Jack Noir. “Howw are ya feelin'?” He smiles then, a small quirk of his lips that really is too cute to be on a boy.

“Kinda cold. Kinda not. Not sure. Too tired.” It's a mumbling sound, face turning into the hand that slid onto his face. I didn't even realize I did it. Still not used to being all red for this guy without so much pity. It's like my reds and my pales got all mixed and splashed together. Fine by me.

“Sorry 'bout that. Not one a those things I wwas meanin' to do.” He frowns, then smiles, all bright and stupid at once. And by stupid I mean it's damn adorable. He's got to be cold though. “Let's get home, yeah?” His smile grows and he shakes his head, lifting the cape I'd draped over him earlier and tugging me in. It's funny, really, that he tries that. Damn, these humans are short though.

“Wanna stay here for a bit more.” And just like that I'm settling in, wrapping around him and pressing my nose to his hair. I really wish he'd stop with the damn make-up. It smells worse than that shit Gam used to put on his face. Then again, it's his thing, can't really... oh fuck no.

“Hey, you stop that.” He smirks against my neck, fingers still sliding on my gills like it's funny. Fucking hell. It's not the good type of touch either. “Jack, I'm wwarnin' ya here.” And just like that he's breathing on my fins, making my ears twitch. Damn it. “Jack, I'm not jokin' that fuckin' tickles.” He grinned then, curling closer, head tucked firmly beneath my chin. Made me sigh. To think I'm just about nine and a half sweeps and I met him when I was about eight. It's ridiculous really.

“Sorry.” And he's not and I know it. Wrapping around him, it's easy to see why I like his body too. It's soft and warm where I'm not; thinner, more rounded. Really, perfect opposite to me.

“Gonna showwer ya in my red feelin' all right?” He laughed, the only human to actually understand our complex quadrants finds it cutesy.

“Can I do that back?” A nod, a kiss to his lips, and we're settling in for a few more hours of being in this haystack. But what can I say. I'm redder than Kar's mutant blood for this guy. Good thing he is too.



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