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Title: Fishies
Fandom(s): Transformers: Prime
Author: hitagashi
Warnings/Spoilers: KO is a man whore
Character(s); Pairing(s): Knock Out, Soundwave; KO/fish (no, seriously)
Rating: G, K
Genre: humor
Summary: KO hits on fish too. Soundwave records it.
Prompt: fishing
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers: Prime nor do I profit from this story.
Notes: Prompt by nini. Oh gods what did I write? It's short because... just because.

, . , . ,

He's hitting on fish...

This wouldn't be so funny if it wasn't so normal of him. First it was a trout, told it it was a lovely piece of flesh, the shine of its scalesenchanting. Then a salmon, then whatever other fish he could find. It was ridiculous. Of all the things he could have done it was always that. 

They think, maybe, that he was a glitch in the all spark. The signs were there, really. While most of their kind were prone to having relationships with whoever they trusted, he went after everyone....

And everything.

And why was Soundwave next to him? Well, both Megatron and Starscream had agreed for once. They needed to know what the hell was with this glitch. So he was recording. Were he a lesser mech (read as a more talkative one) he'd have cracked a joke. But he didn't. Just beeped out when there was a new fish for Knock Out to make a move on.

When they got back there was always time to play them back at him.

Revenge would be so sweet.


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